GDPR Policy

is a business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool, and thus needs some of your information to operate, with the promise of not sharing or selling any of your data.
Your privacy matters to us. For this reason, we would like to invite you to review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
Based on the type of usage you can fall into one of the following categories:

Visitors – we use website cookies for website optimization through anonymized data and to show appropriate ads reminding you of our offers. Your IP address would show your location by country or city with the purpose of providing you with the right language version of our site.

Users – visitors who registered to use our Mediatoolkit. In addition to data collection from our visitors, we will need your email to register your Neomonitora account, and – based on your notification settings – to send email alerts and email digests. We use our users’ names, surnames, positions and company names to provide a better service and to advise our customers about the best ways in which they can use Neomonitora.

Customers – users who pay for our service. In addition to everything we do for our users, we use your company information (name, address, VAT number) to create receipts for you. We will use your birth date to wish you a happy birthday. We do not store any of your credit card data as we have outsourced this task to Stripe.
Neomonitora uses online tools to provide you with the key experiences listed below while using Neomonitora, and we are committed to ensure the safety of your data in all of these providers.

Tawk – online support in keeping track of your on-site activity and notifies of relevant messages.
Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel – to try to improve our Neomonitora better based on users activity – respecting everybody’s privacy.
Stripe – it deals with payments.
Hotjar – to anonymously remember users’ sessions and improve their experience.

We repeat: Neomonitora does not use your data for selling purposes. We won’t send you marketing emails unless you want us to. Your data is safe with us.
If you do not want to use Neomonitora, you can delete your account at any time by clicking on Settings in Account settings, and then clicking “Delete account”. This move will delete your account and all the data belonging to you.

For further information regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact